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Crash Pads


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Our Bishop crash pad sets are a perfect solution to noisy lift sessions in the garage. Constructed with a dense foam interior and thick vinyl outer case, these will handle all the abuse thrown their way. Great to use in any weight dropping scenario from Olympic weightlifting to strongman training. Crash pads also protect your floor without sacrificing gains. Both pads have handles on each side for easy transportation. Sold as a set.


1 year warranty.


  • Includes 1 set (2 pads)
  • Each pad is 30” L x 23.5” W x 6” H
  • High density foam
  • Tough vinyl zip-up exterior

1 review for Crash Pads

  1. Ryan Burkhart (verified owner)

    Incredibly durable! They don’t list the weight online but each pad weighs 30 lbs! Rogue only makes theirs at 23. I’ve bought low quality, cheap foam before and regretted it, these will last a very long time and do an incredible job of deadening the plates on impact, no bounce!

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